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  1. Happy Hinamatsuri!

    Guess what? Happy Hinamatsuri! In Japan, the Doll Festival is celebrated today.

    Hinamatsuri Festival or you may call it as Girls' day is celebrated in Japan on March 3.

    Formerly, the people of Japan believed that dolls possess powers to contain bad spirits or misfortunes.
  2. Blog!

    Since I am a newbie here, might as well start my first blog entry as a mini introduction for those who may want to read my blog. (though i am not expecting anyone to do so because i am not good at blogging)

    . I go by the name Saiyame Cuzura, it has been my pen name ever since i started using the internet. What does it mean or where in the world did i come up with that? I don't know, honestly.
    . I've been an otaku for years but i seldom get myself involve in otaku activities ...