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    Well that was an odd article.

    As for your mention of manga representing humanity, it is probably mainly due to an essay that Tsubochi Shouyo wrote after the Meiji Restoration, where he chided Japanese authors for "not representing human behavior" in their novel works and instead attempting to appeal to the affectual, baser instincts in the reader. (Think EVERYONE writing moe just to sell stuff).

    So he used the West as a framework for the ideal novel, attempting to push the novel into the realm of intellectual endeavor, along side with art, poetry, and play-writing.

    I love character driven works of fiction, where the plot is cultivated through characters who have opposing view points and wills due to whatever past they had or ideals they have now. I want to read stories where characters move the story instead of just react to what happens to them. I love works where the concept of "evil" is ambiguous and personified rather than objectified. Thus, I probably have similar tastes in manga/anime with you.

    As for your new inspiring goal, perhaps I too should write a little every day. Inspiring.
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