"And I thought -- when you're a half-hour late, and your friends think you're in jail, it's probably a sign you steal too much."

The housing market and you (an open letter to the gotwoot community)

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Just as the topic states (See above) my verbal skills are excellent.

Now on to more pressing matters. The housing market is collapsing, and it has affected many people directly or indirectly. This is a very serious issue, and I feel it needs to be addressed. Since I like to think logically, and break down my thoughts to try and reorganize them to create clear structured sentences. I think this will make me getting my point across easier.

You should join Gotwoot IRC

Yes, thats correct. YOU should join US

"But DO why should I join your IRC server? I mean I don't even think I have an IQ higher than 93. I mean come on.... I'm a total moron!!!"

Well this is what I have to say to you below average forum user. Do you want the government to tax the poor and punch babies? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? What kind of person are you?

So if you aren't a commie, nazi, baby punching, tax collecting, politician loving (republican or democrat, but are equally fat and scummy) then you will join.

Hope to see you soon! (irc.gotwoot.net)

Your pal,


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  1. humpburger's Avatar
    [ ] Have excellent verbal skills

    [ ] Have verbal skills

    [x] Get aids
  2. DO's Avatar
    Thats what yo mama said biotch!
  3. humpburger's Avatar
    What's wrong with being a commie anyway? My uncle's a commie, his job security and benefits are great. My dad's a republican, he's being forced into early retirement. He cusses out Obama everyday.
  4. IFHTT's Avatar
    I came for the breastfeeding but stayed for the catpee