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Thread: TV: The Beast

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    TV: The Beast

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    Airs Next:A&E at Thursday 10:00 PM (60 min.)
    Status: New Series
    Premiered: January 15, 2009
    Show Categories: Drama

    An FBI agent with uncouth yet effective tactics is played by Patrick Swayze on A&E's The Beast. Charles Barker (Swayze) trains new partner Ellis Dove (Travis Fimmel). Baker imparts his hard-driving and slick methods even while an internal affairs squad is investigating him.

    The troublemaker veteran makes his new partner sweat as they work undercover, using clever manipulation to continually test Dove and drive him deeper into the "roles" they play on each case.

    Dove struggles to do the job the way he's being taught while facing pressure to spy on his veteran partner to support the internal affairs investigation.
    Just an amazing show. I've been keeping up with it since it's premiere and it just keeps getting better, is anyone else watching this?
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    Isn't this the same premise as "The Corruptor" with Chow Yun Fat and Mark Wahlberg?

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    I watched the first episode a while ago, and I liked it... felt like a Training Day type of show. Haven't watched more of it, maybe later on... haven't really been motivated to continue it at the moment, but surely it has some good things going for it.

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    Just finished watching the last episode. Ok show, didn't like it that much at the start but I thought it got much better towards the end. That might just be because I watched the first episodes in one week intervals but the last episodes back to back though.

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