Ok, it seems that more and more people have been signing up here just to ask about Aone's version of Naruto. I'll make this very clear: They will be out on torrents when they are subbed. Yes, I realize that Aone has been jumping around with the episodes and such but that is their decision as to what episodes get batched and are put on GotWoot's torrent page for you all. Asking when they will be released will not bring any of their projects to speed, it will only clutter the forum. But rest assured, any and ALL Naruto releases (Dattebayo and AnimeOne's) will be posted in The Official Naruto Release thread, located in the Naruto part of our forum.

Remember, only release information can be posted in that thread. Any other posts will most likely be deleted. With all this said, please just check GotWoot's torrent page and the Official Naruto Release thread. If Aone puts out a new batch of Naruto episodes, its guaranteed to be posted there (and the torrent page will be updated). Of course, if you have trouble trying to connect to the torrent (or having BitTorrent problems in general), post in General Support for help.

Oh, and don't forget to Thank Aone for their hard work!