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Thread: Can't find a manga? Try here

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    Can't find a manga? Try here

    Due to the recent increase in manga download questions, im making a sister thread to Y's anime download thread. Here you can find various link to sites where you can download manga. Im not a big manga fan so my knowledge is limited. Feel free to offer information revelant to this topic. Any other posts that i deem useless will be deleted.

    If you're adding to this list, provide the site name/url and a brief description and i will add it here.

    MangaTraders - Great site run by gotwoot's home grown hero's. Has a very impressive archive which is constantly growing.

    Bleach 7 - Bleach manga can be found here. You need to register though, but it's worth it as it not only has manga, but anime and other cool stuff.

    StopTazmo - A site dedicated to providing free direct downloads of many mangas and stoping people (namely Tazmo) from making money off of someone elses hard work. No registration required.
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    Baka-Updates Manga - List of manga released each day and searchable database of mangas and groups.

    Got Lurk / #gotlurk - Irc channel with every manga ever released.

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    The Y thread actually had manga links, but people don't seem to fucking READ!

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    2 of the best ddl sites that i use, off the top of my head are:

    also, tokyotosho (GIYF here) has manga and anime torrents

    have more i can dig up if anyone here really cares
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