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Thread: Gotwoot Photography Contest SIGN-UP

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    Gotwoot Photography Contest SIGN-UP

    Alright you monkeys, it looks like Gotwoot's going to have another competition soon! As many of you know there has been a lot of discussion recently about another contest in this thread. Local awesome-dude and father-to-be Psyke gave a great suggestion that everyone agrees would be pretty damn fun. We've decided to run with it:
    Quote Originally Posted by Psyke
    We should have a photo shoot contest. Name an item, and the best/creative picture featuring the item should win. It can be anything, say a game controller, your mp3 player, anime related cosplay items, etc....
    That's the core idea. Players will be given an item to photograph and entries will be judged here in General Discussion to choose the best and most creative picture featuring that item. The Mods have been working long hours and losing sleep to prepare for this competition, but we still need to get an idea of how many people are willing to participate before we work out the specifics. So:

    If you are interested in participating, please send me a PM!

    Just say "I'm in" or "Let's do this like Buddhists" or whatever! Once we've got a general idea of the number of entrants, we can organize everything else and will post a thread announcing the rules/contestants/etc. This will be really fun. So please, if you've got access to a camera at all or enjoy doing creative things, please get in on this! We've set the expected number of entrants pretty high, so don't worry about not getting selected or anything.

    Send me a PM!

    Please do not reply to this thread!
    Send me a PM!

    General Discussion thread:
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