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Thread: One Piece: all episode help!!

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    One Piece: all episode help!!

    Anyone know a good way to get all the episodes been looking for em all but ive had some trouble doing so. thanks a bunch for the help.

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    IRC if you want to get episodes fast on hard drive: search one piece K-F to present.
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    If you want One Piece episodes up to 298 I recommend Kaizoku Fansubs. They have active torrents, and a good irc channel with a guide on the website.
    After that try Yibis. The 1st 2 posts of this topic have links/info for direct downloads and torrents (may be in a spoiler tag). When you reach the episodes Yibis themselves have subbed I think they have an irc channel to use. For some episodes direct download from a website may be the only way. Kaizoku Fansubs and Yibis are the 2 best One Piece fansub groups this is generally accepted, Yibis in my opinion being a bit more professional overall, and having a friendlier forum.
    Just realised this is a very old topic but anyway hopefully my reply will help some fellow One Piece fans or bring in new fans.

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