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Thread: Naruto 697

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    Naruto 697


    GG Kurama
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    I can only imagine the "seal of reconciliation" being one person making a hole with their thumb and fingers and the other one sticking their index finger through it.
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    seems like it again time for some itachi magic to compensate for Sasuke being a whiny jealous prick that has to steal toys...

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    I like how Kishi threw in the U-za-ma-ki combo that Naruto used against kiba. Half expecting him to fart to throw off this chidori.

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    Would've been great to see this scene in springtime of youth. Got some super smash Bros brawl tripping going on in a serious match up between.....NINJAS!! Reputed to be the most graceful assassins reduced to a school yard brawl due exhaustion. So far this chapter has pleased my needs for the basics of this fight. Can't wait to see Sakura show up and ok them both by dragging them home

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    You know Sakura is going to step in front of the Sasuke's attack. Then her last words will be "finally... I was... able... to be... of... use..."

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    Well, that was particularly brutal . Not much to say here except that I don't want Naruto to die here if only because I'd like to see a Naruto x Hinata pairing. It's about the only thing left in this story that has yet to be resolved that I care about. Even if only a little.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidnne View Post
    You know Sakura is going to step in front of the Sasuke's attack. Then her last words will be "finally... I was... able... to be... of... use..."
    HAHA! lol

    I think you might be wrong Sidnne. Well she might say that but then the scene would pan further out and Sasuke would kind of smile at her all smug as it shows his Chidori stretched out in the blade form penetrating though her into Naruto!

    Naruto is like "God Damit Sakura..... fuck.... (coughing up blood...) "

    Sakura is like "Why...."

    Sasuke is like "What? I thought you always wanted me to stick my bird inside of you? While now I gave you One Thousand instead!"

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    Is it me or is the solution simply for Naruto to jump up throw water on to Sasuke and electrocute the silly fool with his own chidori?

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