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Thread: Naurto 699 & 700

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    Anyone remember when Sakura had top tier genjutsu potential that would one day make her a great ninja? Me neither.

    Rereading (oh god why?) some of the manga, I realized that this was yet another wasted opportunity to make less shitty a character to whom so many panels were devoted.
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    Maybe Kiba was chatting crap, hence Akamaru's expression?

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    I'm so tempted to read this thread!

    But I won't! Peace out!

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    its a secret
    Danzou was the 6th. His term was so short that he kept to his "roots" of remaining hidden lol. But yeah. Kakashi was the 7th and Naruto is the 8th.

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    I vaguely remember someone specifically stating that Danzou was NOT the 6th, he was a temporary Hokage, he could only officially become the 6th if he gets elected, which didn`t happen, he would also get his own face monument if he were truly a Hokage.
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    I got the impression that naruto was the 7th and actually pretty recent in the office. So it would make no sense that he was to back off from the job in such a short time.

    Maybe it is some kind of translation issue. Maybe Kiba is "badmouthing" Naruto to try to look cool and hook up with the chick. Kiba had this kind of rivalry with Naruto over Hokage position. Or maybe he isnt talking about droping the job but some kind of political posture, tradition, idea or something similar.
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    Meant to say this last week when it came out and everyone was still here checking this out, saying their goodbyes.... oh well, gotta do it anyway.

    Thanks to all of you, my fellow Gotwootians, who helped make this not just a manga.... not just a show (when I used to watch it)... but make it an event each week to enjoy and discuss with the rest of you. From sharing our theories on Tobi, (I remember so many heated discussions from like 5+ yrs ago how those of us who thought it was him were dead wrong, hah!) to arguing about the most insignificant minute detail about a made up jutsu or bloodline limit, to "shouldn't Naruto be a Jounin by now?"... etc. etc. Just simply knowing I had the opinions and ideas from all of you waiting for me here after each episode and chapter made the series what it was for me.

    We all know it took a nose-dive after the time-jump... along with the activity here on the gotwoot forums as well. Regardless I'll always have some fond memories of Mut in a war with the mods.... or the day the inmates took over the asylum when Terracossimo became a mod.... there was rarely a lull with that many strong personalities clashing together.... which sparked so many interesting, funny, and just plain strange moments (....and then he bought me a hotdog).

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is; thanks to everyone here who contributed to making this place what it was for all these years.

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    Extremely long time lurker here. So long in fact that I had forgotten my username and password.

    This was always my port of call for reading the manga and Id like to thank you, and whoever pays for the server (Cipher? was that his name) for entertaining me for the last 15 years. I also fondly remember the days of Mut and Gods Son and when Naruto was actually exciting.

    Pretty shitty ending overall, but then the whole series has been terrible for the last 2 years or so, so im glad they didnt drag it out longer.

    Naruto spanned a very long period of my life, and of course although it was not central to it in any way, it feels very strange that it has actually ended. G

    Good luck to everyone here for the future! and thank you again for your amusing posts!

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