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Thread: Dragon Ball Super

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    Also his name is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoCybercoin View Post
    Isn't that speculation at this point? From what I gather someone on the animation team of the movie said on Twitter that it'd be cool to see Gogeta and Broly duke it out.
    But that's it?
    I really want him to be cannon though. Always liked him more than Vegito. But I think that was mostly because he seemed more graceful than Vegito. Well that plus the Stardust Breaker.
    Speculation yes, but there's more to it than what you mentioned.

    There will be theatrical releases of Movie 08 (Broly) and Movie 12 (Fusion reborn), the game Xenoverse 2 has datamined dlc for Broly (new model) and a not yet seen model of Gogeta to be released with new broly, both versions of Gogeta are already in the game, there's a card game that released a card for BASE gogeta.
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