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Thread: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

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    Not noticing stuff is more to do with stealth. He dodged her belly slice in the past, and her fight against Felt's old man gramps was human level.

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    He knew where that specific attack would come from (and he still couldnt dodge it, remember?).

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    What scebe are you refering to?

    Either way, he actually managed to fight against Elsa somewhat, even disrupting her plans or movement.
    So did Emilia.

    I don't see her above and beyond most strong characters we've seen so far.
    Stronger than Rem and Ram, probably. But we have basically no guess about powerlevels in this show in general.

    We only know that Reinhardt is basically god-level strong, but we don't know how strong Aldebaran (Priscillas Helmet-dude knight, I had to google the name) is in comparison for example.

    It's a bit sad that we don't get to know much about how magic works in that universe. Spirits seem to be a big deal and there is also something like blessings. Felt has the blessing of the Wind for example.
    If we knew more about it, and things just like it, we could make a better guess.
    I hope that Roswaal will at some point reveal more about it, or at least the show will tell us more about it once it turns to Roswaal and his story (and why he backed Emilia and what he does etc)... which by the looks of it, might actually happen in this season.
    Also didn't Beatrice actually remember Subaru even after he dies? I think something like that was shown early in S1.
    Funnily enough, I've been discussing the same thing with a friend of mine who is also watching this at work this morning.
    We couldn't quite remember how it all played out when it came to Beatrice, so I'll be happy if someone can clear it up.
    He woke up in the libary once after he died and Beatrice knew him already briefly. But I believe Subaru concluded that it had to be the second meeting in the libary (he was kicked out rather quickly the first time around) and not the first. And it made sense from what happened onwards and until now.

    Then we went a little further and tried to remember if Subaru has an active contract with Beatrice, because they did make one at some point, but I believe Subaru died in that cycle. Did they ever remake it when they went to village to kill the Ma-beasts while trying to lift the curse on him and saving the Village?

    And then we were wondering - what if the contract doesn't actually stop existing when Subaru dies. It's a "spirit"-thing after all. Maybe it's actually still intact and Beatrice saved him subconsciously?
    And it might even bite him in the arse here, because now he can't die to reset things because Beatrice will protect him.

    And the most recent thing (but we still couldn't remember, lol) didn't Roswaal say to Subaru that he should tell Beatrice something in the cycle BEFORE this one? Beatrice would know exactly what to do and could help him. (Or was it someone completely different?)
    And you guess what, wouldn't it be amazing if he says exactly that what Roswaal told him, but in this cycle, Roswaal never actually did! He will become even more suspicious.

    We were both pretty hyped about the next 2-3 episodes after discussing all that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MFauli View Post
    Also didn't Beatrice actually remember Subaru even after he dies? I think something like that was shown early in S1.
    I don't remember that.

    Quote Originally Posted by KrayZ33 View Post
    We were both pretty hyped about the next 2-3 episodes after discussing all that.
    Well, he has a concrete objective now, and it's always more fun when he has a specific goal he's trying over and over to solve.

    The first several episodes of this season, we didn't even know what he was SUPPOSED to be doing.
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