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GODDAMNIT JINBEI! Can you just stay with the goddamn crew already! FUCK! All this "I'm joining, but I gotta go do unfinished business first." is killing me!

I'm a little confused as to what exactly Pudding cut out of Sanji's memory. He still seems to remember who she is, so did she just, like, cut out the parts where she was shitty?
I think she just cut out the goodbye kiss.

So now the Strawhats get to be hunted to the ends of the earth forever. Not because they attacked momma, but because she'll never stop trying to get Sanji back to make more cakes!

I honestly don't know why they bothered feeding her at all. At the rate she was going, it looks like she would have starved herself in another day or so. Problem solves itself.
Yeah well, just like in the end of this last episode, Sanji has always grew up believing that nobody, friend or foe, should experience starving to death.

Awful lotta singing in these last couple eps too...