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Thread: Rape and morality in popular media

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalobiian View Post
    Women by law carry less stuff in Germany? That's amazing. I've never heard of that in Australia.
    Yes - though "by law" I mean it's more or less intertwined with the "duty of care" your employer has.
    It's not like there is a paragraph in the legal code, but I'm pretty sure that was obvious

    here's a guideline (Swiss Confederation), this is for "occasional lifting/moving". I remember seeing a similar chart back in professional school (I think that is the correct english term for that school)

    ---Age -----------Male-----Female-
    14 to 16 Years ---≤ 15 kg --≤ 11 kg
    16 to 18 Years---≤ 19 kg --≤ 12 kg
    18 to 20 Years ---≤ 23 kg --≤ 14 kg
    20 to 35 Years ---≤ 25 kg --≤ 15 kg (seriously, do people know how fucking annoying it is to lift 25kgs when you can't even grab the thing properly?)
    35 to 50 Years ---≤ 21 kg --≤13 kg
    Over 50 Years ---≤16 kg --≤ 10 kg

    When you have to deal with this for more than 4 hours a day, I think it was somewhere around ~12kg vs 7kg. (so basically an increase of 70%). That means a male employee is under less harsh guidelines and can do "more" depending on the job. As silly as that may sound, that might even be the difference a company needs so that it may not need to modernize it's packing area for example.

    This is a part out of the regulation in Germany (that is dedicated to handling/lifting weights at work)

    "Section 3
    Delegation of tasks
    When delegating tasks involving the manual handling of loads where there is a risk to the
    health and safety of workers, the employer shall take account of the physical capability of the
    workers to perform those tasks."

    So you can see how the first chart and this come together.
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    Yeah, I don't recall anything like that here at all.

    When I did some hiking we were told to distribute weight such that we didn't carry more than % of our body mass, but that was a safety guideline not related to work performance - and certainly not categorised by sex.

    Your above chart is in direct conflict with gender equality IMO.

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    The pay gap argument as well as the "STE(A)M jobs need more women!" directive jives directly with the 1970s feminist thought that women should be able to do any job they want to do.

    If they're choosing lower-paying jobs because that is the type of work they want to do...that's a different problem. Do you pay Early Education teachers the same amount you pay Financial Advisers? Do you pay Physician Assistants the same amount as Surgeons? What about event planners and people in manufacturing fields? Skilled Museum Staff and Chemical Engineers?

    Within the same occupation and experience level, they better be paid the same within a standard deviation.

    But you do not send underqualified people into jobs that they're not interested in anyway, just to even out the numbers. Might as well go right back to communism where everyone is paid the same regardless of what they do.

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