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My point is and has been proven in the news, more since the CDC has changed their infected and dead numbers three times (Lowered each time).

Now they won't lower the numbers to where they need to be. Most people around the world are noticing irregularities to this so-called virus, that they are now calling a bacterial infection.

It seems like they don't know what to call it when questioned why it is not behaving like other viruses which share the same traits and ways of replication. Under a microscope many doctors are calling it a bacteria and not a virus.

It has a 99.98 survivability. The flu kills between 3-4 % yearly. I am sure even you can see the point being made here. If you like fear mongering based on lies, then that is your problem. You sound like Pelosi who was mad there are 50,000 dead in the US compared to the predicted 1-2 million (Can never happen) for the 3 month time frame given by that fake doctor.

You know this already and has been proven, the normal flu death rate is still higher than this so-called Chinese Flu. If you don't believe me, you better check the CDC numbers. The CDC revised these numbers 3 times because everyone keeps asking them why their numbers were wrong.


Also many are noticing that if you take the Chinese Flu deaths and add them to the Flu deaths, they are surprisingly close to the previous years real Flu deaths. Anyone with a brain can see they hyped a fake virus and just relabeled 1 quarter of the real Flu deaths as the Chinese Flu.
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